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CAS No. : 100-42-5
Purity  ≥ 99.6, 99.4,99%
GradeAgriculture Grade, Industrial Grade, Reagent Grade
PackagingAgriculture Grade, Industrial Grade, Reagent Grade
Loading PortQingdao, Shanghai.China
Payment TT/LC
Supplying3000tons/ month


Styrene is a colorless and transparent oily liquid. It is insoluble in water. It is soluble in ethanol and ether. It will gradually polymerize and oxidize when exposed to the air. Industrially, it is an important monomer for synthetic resins, ion exchange resins, and synthetic rubbers.

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Basic Info

CAS No. :100-42-5
Molecular Weight:104.15
Linear Formula :C8H8
CategoryFlammable liquid, neutral poison
Purity 99.6, 99.4,99%
HS Code29025000
Synonyms: Ethenylbenzene
CAS No. :100-42-5
Molecular Weight: 104.15
Linear Formula : C8H8
EINECS: 202-851-5
CatagoryFlammable liquid, neutral poison
Purity ≥ 99.6, 99.4,99%
HS Code29025000


Colorless and transparent oily liquid


  • insoluble in water
  • soluble in ethanol and ether


Melting point-31°C (lit.)
Boiling point145-146°C (lit.)
Density0.906g/ml at 25 °C (lit.)
Vapor density3.6(vs air)
Vapor Pressure. 12.4 mm Hg ( 20 °C)
Refractive Indexn20/D 1.546(lit.)
Flash point88°F
Storage temp.Store at <= 20°C.
OdorSlightly sweet
Explosive limit1.1-8.9%(V)
Water Solubility0.3 g/L (20 ºC)
StabilityStable, but can polymerize under exposure to light. The substances to avoid include strong acids, aluminum chloride, strong oxidizing reagents, copper, copper alloys, metal salts, polymerization catalysts and accelerators. Flammable steam can keep a certain distance from the ignition source
SensitiveAir Sensitive


IndexHigh gradeFirst gradeQualified grade
Purity,% ≥99.699.499
Chroma (cobalt-platinum color number), number, ≤101530
Total aldehyde (calculated as benzene + aldehyde),% ≤
Polymer, mg/kg ≤101050
Peroxide (calculated as hydrogen peroxide) mg/kg≤100100200
Sulfur, mg/kg ≤303030


Mainly used as raw materials for polystyrene, synthetic rubber, engineering plastics, ion exchange resins, etc.

Packing and Loading

In 200kg/drum, 1000kg/drum, Flexibag, ISO tanks or according to customer`s request.

Safety Information

Hazard Class :3

Hazard Codes : Xn,T,F


Precautions for storage:

Polymerization inhibitors are usually added to commercial products. Store in a cool, ventilated warehouse. Keep away from fire and heat sources. The storage temperature should not exceed 30°C. The packaging is required to be sealed. Do not contact with air.

Extinguishing agent: foam, dry powder, carbon dioxide, sandy soil. Extinguishing with water is ineffective. In the event of a big fire, firefighters must operate in a protective shelter.


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