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CAS No. : 110-19-0
Purity  ≥99.7, 99.5%
GradeAgriculture Grade, Electron Grade, Food Grade, Industrial Grade
21ton/iso tank
Loading PortQingdao, Shanghai.China
Payment TT/LC
Supplying3000tons/ month


Butyl acetate is a colorless and transparent liquid with a fruity odor. It is an excellent organic solvent. It has good solubility properties. Such as P-ethyl cellulose, cellulose acetate butyrate, polystyrene, methacrylic resin, chlorinated rubber. A variety of natural gums.

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Basic Info

Synonyms: Essigsure-n-butylester
CAS No. :110-19-0
Molecular Weight: 116.16
Linear Formula : C6H12O2
CatagoryFlammable liquid, low toxicity
Purity ≥99.7, 99.5%
HS Code2915 3300


Colorless and transparent liquid with a fruity odor


Excellent organic solvent


Melting point78°C (lit.)
Boiling point124-126°C (lit.)
Density0.88 g/mL at 25 °C (lit.)
Vapor density4(vs air)
Vapor Pressure15 mm Hg ( 25 °C)
Refractive Indexn20/D 1.394(lit.)
Flash point74 °F
Storage temp.Store at +5°C to +30°C.
OdorPleasant fruity odor detectable at 7 to 50 ppm (mean = 18 ppm)
Explosive limit1.4-7.5%(V)
Water Solubility0.7 g/100 mL (20 ºC)
Stability:Stable. Flammable. Incompatible with strong oxidizing agents, strong acids, strong bases.


IndexHigh gradeFirst grade
butyl acetate, %(m/m)≥99.799.5
butyl alcohol,%(m/m)≤0.10.13
acidity( as acetic acid)%(m/m)≤0.0030.004
residue on evaporation%(m/m)≤0.0010.001
density(20℃)(g/cm3)0.878-0.883  0.878-0.883
chromaticity(in hazen)(pt-co)≤1010


1. Edible spices. As a spice, it is used in the preparation of banana, pear, pineapple, apricot, peach, strawberry, and berry flavors. It can also be used as a solvent for natural gums and synthetic resins.

2. Excellent organic solvent. Good for cellulose acetate butyrate, ethylcellulose, chlorinated rubber, polystyrene, methacrylic resin and many natural resins. Such as tannin extract, manila gum, damar resin, etc. The dissolution performance.

3. It is used in nitrocellulose varnish. It is used as a solvent in the processing of artificial leather, fabrics and plastics. It is used as an extractant in various petroleum processing and pharmaceutical processes.

4. Used as analytical reagent, chromatographic analysis standard substance and solvent.

Packing and Loading

200kg*80drums,16tons/fcl. 200kg*120drums,24tons/fcl

21ton/iso tank

Safety Information

Hazard Class :3

Hazard Codes : F,Xi,Xn,T


Storage method: Store in a cool, ventilated warehouse. Keep away from fire and heat sources. The storage temperature should not exceed 30°C. Keep the container tightly closed.Fire fighting method: Use alcohol-resistant foam, carbon dioxide, dry powder, sand to extinguish the fire. Extinguishing with water is ineffective.


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