Factory Price N-Propanol Supplier CAS NO. 71-23-8

CAS No. : 71-23-8
Purity  ≥ 99.8, 99.5%
GradeIndustrial Grade, Medicine Grade
PackagingIn 160kgs galvanized/Blue iron drum Drum,12.8MT/20’fcl.In IBC drums, 20MT/20’fcl,In ISO tank, 18MT/20’fcl.
Loading PortQingdao, Shanghai.China
Payment TT/LC
Supplying3000tons/ month


N-Propanol is an organic compound. It has a colorless and transparent liquid with the smell of ethanol. It is soluble in water, ethanol, and ether. Propionaldehyde is synthesized from ethylene via oxo and then obtained by reduction. Mainly used as a solvent. It can also replace ethanol with a lower boiling point. It is also used for chromatography.

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Basic Info

Synonyms: Alcoolpropilico;alcoolpropylique
CAS No. :71-23-8
Molecular Weight: 60.1
Linear Formula : C3H8O
EINECS: 200-746-9
CatagoryFlammable liquid, poisoning
Purity ≥ 99.8, 99.5%
HS Code29051200


Colorless and transparent liquid


Soluble in water, ethanol, and ether


Melting point-127°C (lit.)
Boiling point97°C (lit.)
Density0.804g/ml at 25 °C (lit.)
Vapor density2.1(vs air)
Vapor Pressure10 mm Hg ( 20 °C)
Refractive Indexn20/D 1.384(lit.)
Flash point59°F
Storage temp.Store at +5°C to +30°C.
SolubilityH2O: passes test
OdorResembles that of ethyl alcohol.
Explosive limit2.1-19.2%(V)
Water Solubilitysoluble
StabilityStable. May form peroxides in contact with air. Incompatible with alkali metals, alkaline earths, aluminium, oxidizing agents, nitro compounds. Highly flammable. Vapour/air mixtures explosive.


IndexHigh gradeFirst grade
Purity ,m%≥ ≥99.80≥99.50
Water content,m%≤ ≤0.10≤0.10
Color (Po-Co) ≤10.00≤10.00
Acid content (in acetic acid)% ≤0.003≤0.003


  1. n-Propanol is directly used as a solvent or synthetic propyl acetate. It is used in coating solvents, printing inks, cosmetics, etc.
  2. It is used to produce n-propylamine, which is an intermediate of medicines and pesticides.
  3. Used in the production of feed additives and synthetic spices.
  4. Propanol is used in the pharmaceutical industry for the production of probenecid, sodium valproate, erythromycin, Dianjian’an, adhesive hemostatic agent BCA, prothiamine, dipropyl 2,5-pyridine dicarboxylate, etc. .

Packing and Loading

In 160kgs galvanized/Blue iron drum Drum,12.8MT/20’fcl.

In IBC drums, 20MT/20’fcl,In ISO tank, 18MT/20’fcl.

Safety Information

  • Hazard Class :3
  • Hazard Codes : F,Xi


Storage Note:
Store in a cool, ventilated warehouse. Keep away from fire and heat sources. The storage temperature should not exceed 30°C. Keep the container tightly closed.

Extinguishing agent: alcohol-resistant foam, dry powder, carbon dioxide, sandy soil.


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