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CAS No. : 107-21-1
GradeFood Grade, Industrial Grade, Medicine Grade
Packaging220kg/iron drum, 1000kg/iron drum or customer’s request
Loading PortQingdao, Shanghai.China
Payment TT/LC
Supplying3000tons/ month


Ethylene glycol is a colorless, odorless, sweet liquid with low toxicity to animals. It is used as a solvent, antifreeze, and raw material for synthetic polyester. Polyethylene glycol (PEG) is a high polymer of ethylene glycol. It is a phase transfer catalyst and is also used for cell fusion.

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Basic Info

Synonyms: Aliphatic diol;Athylenglykol;Dihydroxyethane;dowtherm
CAS No. : 107-21-1
Molecular Weight: 62.07
Linear Formula : C2H6O2
EINECS:  203-473-3
Catagory Flammable liquid, poisoning
HS Code 29053100


Colorless, odorless, sweet liquid



Melting point13°C (lit.)
Boiling point195-198 °C (lit.)
Density1.113g/mL at 25 °C (lit.)
Vapor density2.1(vs air)
Vapor Pressure0.08 mm Hg ( 20 °C)
Refractive Index1.4244
Flash point230 °F
Storage temp.2-8°C
Solubilitywater: miscible
FormViscous Liquid
Explosive limit3.2%(V)
Water Solubilitymiscible



1. Used to make polyester, polyester, polyester resin, hygroscopic agent, plasticizer, surfactant, synthetic fiber, cosmetics and explosives. Also used as a solvent for dyes, inks, etc., to prepare engine antifreeze, gas Dehydrating agents. Manufacturing resin. It can also be used as a wetting agent for cellophane, fiber, leather, and adhesives.

2. Production of synthetic resin PET, fiber-grade PE. Namely, polyester fiber. Bottle flake-grade PET is used to make mineral water bottles, etc.It can also produce alkyd resin, glyoxal, etc. Also used as antifreeze.

3. Ethylene glycol methyl ether series products are advanced organic solvents with excellent performance. As a solvent and thinner for printing inks, industrial cleaning agents. Coatings (nitrocellulose paint, varnish, enamel), copper-clad laminates, printing, and dyeing.

4. It can be used as raw material for the production of pesticide intermediates, pharmaceutical intermediates. Synthetic brake fluids and other chemical products.Used as electrolyte for electrolytic capacitors, dyeing agent for tanning chemical fiber.

5. Used as textile auxiliaries, synthetic liquid dyes. The raw materials for desulfurization agents in the production of fertilizers and oil refining, etc.

Packing and Loading

220kg/iron drum, 1000kg/iron drum or customer’s request

Safety Information

  • Hazard Class :6.1
  • Hazard Codes : Xn


  • Packed in the galvanized iron drum, 100Kg or 200Kg per drum.
  • Be sealed during storage, and it should be nitrogen sealed, moisture-proof, fire-proof, and anti-freeze for long-term storage.


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