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CAS No. : 108-94-1
Purity  ≥99.8, 98.5,98%
Packaging190kg drums*80 in a 20 GP container; 190kg drums*132 in a 40GP container;
ISO TANK: 22.5MT/20T
Loading PortQingdao, Shanghai.China
Payment TT/LC
Supplying3000tons/ month


Cyclohexanone is a colorless and transparent liquid. It has an earthy taste. When it contains a small amount of phenol, it has a mint taste. The impurity is light yellow, and the color develops with the storage time. It is water white to grayish-yellow. It has a strong pungent odor. The explosive pole mixed with air is the same as the open chain saturated ketone.

In industry, it is mainly used as a raw material and solvent for organic synthesis. For example, it can dissolve nitrocellulose, paint, paint, etc

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Basic Info

Synonyms: Anon;caswellno270;Cicloesanone;Cykloheksanon
CAS No. : 108-94-1
Molecular Weight: 98.14
Linear Formula : C6H10C
EINECS:  203-631-1
Catagory Flammable liquid, poisoning
HS Code 2914 22 00


colorless and transparent liquid


Slightly soluble in water. It is miscible in most organic solvents such as alcohol, ether, benzene and acetone.


Melting point47°C (lit.)
Boiling point155 °C (lit.)
Density0.947g/mL at 25°C (lit.)
Vapor density3.4(vs air)
Vapor Pressure3.4 mm Hg ( 20 °C)
Refractive Indexn20/D 1.450(lit.)
Flash point116 °F
Storage temp.Store at +5°C to +30°C.
Form Liquid
ColorAPHA: ≤10
OdorLike peppermint and acetone.
Explosive limit1.1%, 100°F
Water Solubility150 g/L (10 ºC)
Stability:Stable. Combustible. Incompatible with strong oxidizing agents.



  • Used as raw material and solvent for synthetic resin and synthetic fiber
  • Used as an organic solvent
  • It is the raw material for the production of caprolactam and adipic acid. Used as a solvent and diluent for paints, inks, synthetic resins, and synthetic rubbers. Also used as leather degreasing agent, etc.
  • Cyclohexanone is an important chemical raw material. It is the main intermediate for the manufacture of nylon, caprolactam and adipic acid.
    Important industrial solvent. Such as used in paint. Solvents for pesticides, solvents for dyes

Packing and Loading

190kg drums*80 in a 20 GP container; 190kg drums*132 in a 40GP container; ISO TANK: 22.5MT/20T

Safety Information

  • Hazard Class :3
  • Hazard Codes : Xn


  • Precautions:
    Store in a cool, ventilated warehouse. Keep away from fire and heat sources. The storage temperature should not exceed 30°C. Keep the container tightly closed.
  • Fire-fighting measures
  • Hazardous combustion products: carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide.
  • Fire fighting method: spray water to cool the container.
  • Extinguishing agent: foam, dry powder, carbon dioxide, sand.


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